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Re: Re: Origin of Sinclair-St. Clair the Hermit

Laurel wrote:. " Also everyone
with Morrison's Sinclair history should correct the date on page 18.  And
all copies to be sold, should be corrected."

As I have posted before, Leonard Morrison's book is filled with incorrect
dates/places/names.  Much of his research was done by contacting family
members who gave the information they remembered.  It appears that much of
the information was never actually verified.  Mr. Morrisin did not have
access to the tools we have today which we use to follow up on information
we receive.  For the time it was written, it was a great source of
information- BUT- this book can only be used to guide us in a search.  Many
of the descendants of John of Exeter were buried in New England Cemeteries.
By visiting these grave sites, the inaccuracies are obvious.  Be careful to
verify all information used from this book.

Gary M

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