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Hi all:

Actually I unsubbed at Easter (was away) and thought I had subbed back, then
it dawned on me I hadn't hear from y'all in some time.

Something interesting is going on over at Rootsweb/GenConnect and I wasn't
sure you were all aware of it and what to make of it.  It may directly
affect this list.

They have gone through and setup mail lists for many new surnames Sinclair
and St. Clair included.  I was concerned that people may be subbing to the
new Rootsweb mail list and not be aware of this one.  I am having a similar
problem with a Surname list that I started a year ago a location other than
Rootsweb and now there is a new one at RW.

I just wanted to make sure that the *powers that be* here at the Sinclair
discussion list were aware of the development.  Not that I have any
solution!  Ha!

In addition to the mail list, Guest Book, Searches, etc. have been set up
there.  There is the option of adding a link to Sinclair/St. Clair homepages
at the top of the what they are calling *Cluster Pages* or *Surname
Resources Pages* and maybe that is a good starting point.  (My page is
listed, they have *grabbed* pages hosted by Rootsweb automatically and then
listed on the various Surname pages.  I'm not sure about pages listed at
other locations.)

I have questioned the higher uppers at RW about removing the RW surname mail
lists and having them elsewhere (like this list), but have not received an
official answer on that one yet.  Will keep you posted when I do.

Hope I'm not stirring things up, but just wanted to make you all aware of
what's going on over there if you weren't already.

The URL is:  http://resources.rootsweb.com/surnames/


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