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Re: La Behottiere

Mr. Sinclair,
    It would delight so many of us to see photos of the places that have been described to us in very old books.  One of these tells us that in 1895 there was a grove of trees beside the Seine River.  A few rods from the flowing river is the "Holy Well" of St. Clair.  Nearby is the former home of St. Clair, where a shirine now is in his honor.  There is a chapel next to that.  At one time we have heard that there was a castle in the area.  We all would be interested to see if anything still remains of these places dear to our ancestry? 
    If you ever go to Rouen there are places there also that we are interested in seeing.  Which direction are you from St. Clair and Rouen?  We were once told that there is a statue in France with William the Conqueror on top of 5 men (5 previous generations).  Do you know where that is?
    Perhaps there others in this group that have questions for you also?
Laurel Fechner
Portland, OR-USA
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I am Sinclair. Harris is my factor. St Clair sur Epte is 40 Km from La Behottiere this is Bank Holiday after  attempting to dispose of the fish population of Northern France I am going to drive over to St Clair sur Epte and take a few photos any special request?
Sorry J R Carpenter took umbrage to recounting a rumour but I know God is God and He is love through and through. I know that J R Carpenter is my kinsman. I will call his name to God I hope he will do the same for me.  Clan equals family.
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What a beautiful place!!  Do you ever get up to St. Clair sur Epte?  I am a little confused with your message.  Are you saying that you are the Factor, A. J. Harris?  Who was it that put the Clan Motto above the gate?
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Date: Wednesday, May 26, 1999 3:48 AM
Subject: La Behottiere

John S. Quarterman requested that I post some Norman pictures, to hopefully encourage people to post some more pictures on the net.  This is a picture of La Behottiere, my farm in France.  The farm lies 40 km from St-Clair-sur-Epte.  St-Clair-sur-Epte is the town in which Rolo the Viking met Charles the Simple, King of Fr in 911 and created the Dukedom of Normandy on a handshake.  The Epte forms the boundary of the Dukedom of Normandy.  This handshake is commonly known as the treaty of St-Clair-sur-Epte.  Rolo, although a barbarian, was an honourable man and the treaty remained in effect until the terror of the French Revolution.  La Behottiere was originally built as a mill by the monks of Le Bec Hellouin in the 12th Century.  A mill stream was created by a cairn of rocks.  Today there is a mill on the site.  The property acquired its name at the time of the French R when the Behot family obtained the property.  For historical reasons, the real river remains entirely in private hands.  The Duc Valencay acquired La Behottiere and surrounding lands at the turn of the Century.  He reconstructed the house for his mistress.  His chateau lies within view of the house save for the planting of trees he did to keep his wife's prying eyes away from him and his mistress.  It's reputed that she stood on the roof of the chateau with a telescope in hand.
The Risle valley is where many Scots fled after Culloden, one of the more famous was Sir William Gordon, who died in Brionne, never seeing Cornhill, Scotland again.  The current guardian of La Behottiere, in Scotland the Factor, is A. J. Harris, a former Royal Marine.  Above the gate "Commit thy work to God" rises.  In the pavement stones of the two and a half acre formal garden, it says "Ici est Ecosse" (Here is Scotland).  There is no Scot quite as Scot as a Scot abroad.  Are we Norwegians, Frenchmen, dome rumour us to be the descendants of Jesus Christ and Mary Magdalene.  What we are, my cousins, are a band a brothers, from one of the most ancient and proudest families.  Our family will live forever.  We will live forever.
If anyone would like any further photographs or information, please email: