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Re: La Behottiere

Dear Rick:
Oh dear!   It would appear that we have some ships passing in the night. 
 Blasphemy is a very serious word and carries a lot of baggage with it. I would hope you would re-read the inspired message from Sinclair on our family and try hard not to take offense where none was intended.  The position you have taken, if I understand you correctly, confuses the belief with a statement about a belief.  Sinclair was not claiming he believed it nor was he suggesting that you or I should believe it.   That others believe it, there is no doubt, just as others believe in all kinds of things that, gasp, do not include Christian dogma.   For example, I will discusss Islam but I do not necessarily adhere to Islamic beliefs. Further, I will  treat Islam and those who believe in Islam with respect.  It is not insulting to me that you and/or Muslims hold beliefs different than mine. 
Therefore, I would hope that we can discuss all without dealing in personal insult.  If, on reflection,  you continue to feel that the reporting of such statements if still a personal slight, then you might be better served by not reading such offensive material as might appear in future on this site and govern yourself accordingly. 
I wish you well.......................................................Rory
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From: milamba <milamba@milamba.com>
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Date: Wednesday, May 26, 1999 7:16 PM
Subject: Re: La Behottiere

The poor person was only commenting on a rumour!  Not stating a belief... and it is a rumour that persists whether one likes it or not.  It's also a rumour that many people actually believe...

There wasn't anything to answer!

Perhaps it would be a good idea to leave personal religious beliefs off the list...


Perhaps so Margaret, but I could not let the "descendants of Jesus Christ and Mary Magdalene" comment go unanswered...