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Hello all,

I have written once before but I didn't recieve an answer.  Perhaps no one out there matches with my information.
I have tryed searching the LDS site and all they have is this:
James Sinclair 21 Oct 1786 Paisley, Ayres, Scot
                      1861 Ayres, Ayres, Scot
Agnes Young           1800 Glasgow, Lanark, Scot
  Christened  13 Apr 1801  Kilmamock, Ayr, Scot
  Died        24 Nov 1884  Dannistown, Glasgow, Scot

 Her parents:  Mathew Young and Agnes Kennedy

Their Children:
James Sinclair  16 Nov 1827  Lanark, Renf, Scot
Matthew Sinclair
  11 Jul 1831  Govan Parish, Renfrewshire, Scot
  05 Aug 1906  Nephi, Juab, Utah, USA

Robert Sinclair
  Born abt 1832  Lanark, Renf, Scot

Samuel Sinclair
 Born abt 1825  Lanark, Renf, Scot

David Sinclair
 Born 1836  Glasgow, Lanark, Scotland

Ann Sinclair
 Born abt 1838  Glasgow, Lanark, Scotland

I would like to find information going farther back than this, other than the LDS church I don't know where else to search.
Any ideas?  Because these Sinclairs are from Scotland does this mean they go back to the first Sinclairs.  I mean does the history I read on the list pertain to my husbands line? (this is his line)
I would appreciate any leeds.
Thanks so much,
Wendy Pay


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