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Dear Bill,

I will be sending you a copy of Prince Henry's seal which, of course, is quite different from his coat-of -arms but equally significant.  I saw the original when I visted the Museum in Copenhagen and persuaded them to let me have a copy which, at some expense, they
had made for me.

I have also been studying literature on Eynhallow where there was a Cistercian monastery
whose Abbot was elevated to become Abbot of the parent house at Melrose.  Who was
this Abbot?  Little is known about him but I believe he was one of the English Sinclairs
and I am currently looking for the proof.  The Sinclairs always wanted to control the spiritual
as well as the temporal.  We saw this when Henry became 'jarl' of Orkney.  It wasn't long
before Robert de St Clair was installed as Bishop.

>From the Chronica de Mailros, we find that Abbot Laurence (for that was his name) was a
man of; pious memory, of marvellous humility and gentleness and most learned in divine

But what 'pull' had Laurence to get himself appointed to the senior Cistercian post in Scotland?  What was his family name?  Well, Laurence is a common enough name with
Sinclairs.  Equally, the Sinclairs were in positions of authority in Church and State.  We
have had Sinclair Bishops of Orkney, Caithness, Brechin, Dunkeld and Glasgow.

The Cistercians, the Templars and the Sinclairs were inextricably interwoven.  True, there
were no Sinclairs in Orkney when Abbot Laurence was at Eynhallow but there were people
of Sinclair blood who eventually took the name of Sinclair when Prince Henry became the
'jarl' of the islands.  They were the "Sinclairs" who had arrived directly with Einar rather than
those who had done a detour via Normandy.  Did they know that the wheel would turn full
circle and that they'd all meet up in Orkney?

Ian Sinclair and I willl be visiting Eynhalllow in August this year.  We feel that it holds certain
vital clues to our proper understanding of the global strategy which the Sinclairs held and
were determined to implement.


I feel so strongly that Eynhallow holds an important key that Ian Sinclair and I intend to visit
the island in August of this year.

Although Eynhallow is now uninhabited, it is my intention to visit it with Ian Sinclair sometime in August of this year.
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