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RE: Re John Sinclair and Christian McCosham.

Hi John -
Very excited to receive your email this morning - I have sent you a private reply because it was rather lengthy.  Seems we differ on information on Archibald and his children!
Can't wait to hear from you
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Greetings, Juli, from Australia,
                                           Having recently subscribed to the Discussion Group, I have been reading the host of interesting letters which enter my mailbox daily. Your reference to my great great great grand parents, John Sinclair and Christian McCosham caught my attention. I have been researching my Sinclair ancestors for many years, and it is in this period in Argyll that I am now concentrating. John Sinclair married Christian McCosham (varying spellings of this appear) on 31/1/1770. Their children are Donald, born 2/9/1772, Archibald, born 26/11/1775, and John, born 6/4/1779. I have no further trace of Donald and John, but have much information on Archibald. Three of his daughters and two sons migrated to Australia in 1839. One of these is my great grandfather. I am seeking information on Donald and John, also other sons of Archibald , who did not migrate. If you would like more information on Archibald, I will gladly supply it. Any details you have of this family would be much appreciated.
Hoping to hear from you,
John Sinclair McIntyre.