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Re: thanks to list and a very special thanks

  dear list,  i have not been on the list too long, but i feel i have learned 
much from all.  i have been reticent to put forth any query, since i am so 
new to genealogy, i didn't even know what questions to ask.  well, i just 
tested the waters recently and what a pleasant surprise.  juli anderson 
responded to my query re: a christina sinclair(my g-grandmother) and a 
malcolm sinclair (my gg grandfather)  she gave me more in one day than i had 
found since i started my search in feb.  it was like struggling up a 
mountain, and all of a sudden stepping in an escalator,  truly my fellow 
sinclairs are most generous of spirit, and again special thanks to juli.  Pat 
Dick    pjmcswan@aol.com
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