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AUTOPOST: Guest Book Entry [Tom Thompson]

Author:   Tom Thompson 
Reply-to: mailto:TTCARVERFL@AOL.com
Location: , FL USA
Date:     Friday, May 21, 1999

SINCLAIR- Researching my mothers family starting with the marriage of her GreatGrandparents: John SINCLAIR married Sarah KEITH 02 Jan 1865,Renfrew Abbey,Paisley.They had several children:Isabella b.15 Nov 1865,John b.15 April 1870,Flora Black b.25 July 1872,all in Renfrew.Then the family moves to Dumbartonshire,Old Kilpatrick and are found recored on the 1881 Cencus living on Main street. Sarah Sinclair was listed as head of household, age of 36 yrs.Son Daniel was 2 yrs.On July 14 1898 my Grandmother Sadie was born at Dun Otten Place,Old Kilpatrick.Later my Grandmother marries William Sloth BLAIR and on 13 May 1911 my Mother Janet Brown Blair was born in Dumbarton.Then in the early 1920's the family moves to Canada then to Detroit, Michigan,USA .I am looking for any and all leads. Thank you for any help. 

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