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Shetland Sinclairs

Kathy - it's me again.  I pulled all of my Shetland line out to make an attachment for you to look at and think about.  It doesn't look to me as though this line will catch any of your fish, but you may get some other ideas on a search from seeing what one patriarch produced on a small croft on a small island.  My advice would be to read yourself into the Shetland picture; get a good map of the Shetland island system and mark the places your family were liviing, and compare with these ancestors of my friend in Fremantle.  Click on the Orkney flag (orange and yellow) on our Sinclair website http://www.mids.org/sinclair/  and look at the New sections.  Ask around to see if anyone has started a website for Shetlanders (I don't see one yet), and find out how someone with all of the information you have can access some records.  I know how this can be accomplished in Edinburgh or Glasgow, or even Caithness, but I don't know what resources are available in the Orkney's.  Perhaps someone who reads this can tell you how to get birth-marriage-death data on Shetland people. 
Whatever you do, don"t give up the ship - you really have a lot of good information on the family and should be able to find more.  The Sinclair is an excellant source of information on Sinclairs in general.   and how it all came about.  Let your fingers do the walking  at http://www.mids,org/sinclair/   There is lots of information out there, hope you find something soon.   Cheers, Ray

Thomas Sinclair of Skelberry.doc