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Clan battle near Rogart.

Hi, I'm just back from visiting Rogart in Sutherland. I know you Sinclairs call
Caithness Gods country but my goodness Sutherland takes some beating. I stayed
in a croft overlooking Rogart with clear blue skies, gentle highland air and
snow capped mountains in the distance. Peat fires at night, good conversation
and a large dram of Clynelish in my hand ...heaven.

Anyway back to my question. My wife's uncle told me of a large clan battle near
Rogart in the 1550's ?? he said it involved the clans Gunn, Mackay, Polson and
as far as he could remember the Sinclairs. Unfortunatley he could not remember
the name of the battle or any story behind it. There are certainly two mounds
on the supposed battle site which local legend says are where the slain were
buried.  Does anyone on the list have any knowledge of this battle?

Yours Aye


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