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Re: something's amiss!

>Dear John:
>Starting yesterday, I have been getting all my emails from this page
>twice.  If Juli sends a mesage about check in the mail, the email
>immediately after it is identical including the time stamp.  Tonight, I
>checked my email at around 9 pm and found I still had duplicates of all
>new emails so I dutifully deleted them.  I came back an hour later and
>all the emails that I had deleted had been resent as new messages and
>again in duplicate form.  Help!  I'm swimmming in emails. Rory

Please forward some of the duplicates so I can look at them.
That will help me track the problem down.

Note that Niven has been copying a rather large list of people
in addition to copying the list, so you will have seen two of
each of his messages.

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