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Re: Orkney and Shetland Families


Thanks for the additional information.  It's in the web pages now.
Look in
Look under New for the orange and yellow Orkney flag.
There are links from the FAQ and other appropriate places.

Pardon me for including in this reply as my customary weekly note about
new items in the web pages.

There are also new links to many pictures of Girnigoe and Sinclair Castles,
including some from France, and links to all the text about them that
Ian Sinclair has sent to date.

Neil Sinclair's writeup about the Castle at the Cross is in place.

The Caithness page has the writeups by Richard Lower and Ian Sinclair.

The books page includes everything I've noticed being mentioned lately.

The FAQ and the glossary have various new links and some new text.


>It must be remembered that there is no family in Europe, below the rank of
>Royalty, which
>can boast a higher antiquity, a nobler lineage or more romantic interest
>than 'the lordly line of high St Clair'.

There is a link to the relevant lines of The Lay of the Last Minstrel,
which appear on the pages about Rosslyn Chapel and Roslin Castle.
I found your current Friends of Rosslyn page and linked that in, too.


>"In leaden coffins at the Chapel at Danbury, five miles
>from Chelmsford, were buried several knightly St Clairs

What's the source for the quote?


>Over the next few months, I will be writing articles on notable Sinclairs -
>beginning with General Sir John St Clair.  These will be appearing in the
>newsleter of the Clan Sinclair of the United States but, I am sure, if
>Brad Sinclair agrees, there will be no objection to these articles being
>seen by the wider family of Sinclairs through the medium of your web-site.

Looking forward to it.

>Niven Sinclair

John Sinclair Quarterman <jsq@mids.org>
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