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Re: girnigoe/sinclair

As per a description of the area to add to Johnnye's observations.  We 
visited early on a Sunday morning last Aug.  We took a short taxi ride from 
Wick on a slightly cloudy misty day.  You could smell the sea air as you take 
the short walk across the meadow where numerous sheep continued eating as we 
passed.  The most remarkable sense I experienced was a feeling of coming home 
after a long journey- that strong emotional collection of all our ancestors 
who proceeded us.  It was a feeling of passion, pride and relief.  I could 
see the ancient ships in the harbour.  One look at the steep cliff that 
blends with castle walls, making it hard to tell where the cliff ends and the 
wall begins;  you can't help but wonder how many people fell to their death 
setting the first few rows of the wall.  One look at the bay and the vantage 
point makes you know why they chose this position.  It was breathtaking; I 
regretted that our travel plans did not allow more time there.   Hope this 
helped paint the picture.                                                     
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