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Re: Scandinavians and Normans

	Thanks for your interest.  Eliza Sinclair was the married name of my 
great-great-grandmother.  She was born circa 1812 - 1813 in The State of 
Michigan.  Her oldest daughter was my great grandmother, Lucinda.  Lucinda 
Sinclair was born in the State of Illinois, circa 1842 - 1843.  Eliza had two 
other children:  Mary ( could be another 4 digit name because of poor 
penmanship on the part of the census taker ) born circa 1844 and Joseph born 
circa 1852. In 1860 Eliza and her children lived in Monroe, Wisconsin along 
with Thomas Branshaw, husband of Lucinda.
	Lucinda married Thomas B. Branshaw circa 1857-1858.  They had four 
		Geneva Branshaw, born circa 1858
		Joseph R. Branshaw, born circa 1863
		Celia Branshaw, born circa 1865
		Henry Branshaw, born circa 1866
		Albert Eugene Branshaw, born circa 1868
	All of these children were born in Wisconsin, probably in Monroe.
	The families surname may have been Branchaud ... as a name change 
occurred at around this time.
	Eliza dropped from sight after the 1860 census and Lucinda was no 
longer traceable after the 1870 census.  However, family lore says that 
Lucinda divoriced Thomas and married someone else, moved to Freeport, 
Illinois, and eventually died there, being buried in the Freeport, Illinois 
area.  There is no documents for these final events.
	If this strikes a note with anyone, I'd love to hear from them.
Bob Branshaw
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