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Hi all,

Look could anyone tell me a bit more about Wick, what is it like? how big is 
the Wick area, what was the Sinclair connection in the area.
Now that i have a death certicate confirming that my g,g,g grandfather was 
born in Wick, possibly even married in Wick,came to N.Z by 1842, but may 
have returned to Wick,to marry Barbara then returned to Australia and New 
Zealand.I have to make another
try to see if anyone knows anything of this line.

He was William Sinclair born about 1822, Wick Scotland died 1900 in N.Z, was 
so popular that they carried his coffin around the streets when he died, 
married a Barabara Lyall when he was about 25? whose mother was incidently a 
William's Parents were James and Margaret Sinclair, I beleive James was a 

Any Links?
Thanks Jenny Coster

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