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Re: McNokairds--The Early Sinclairs of Argyll

>Again- Karen thanks for a great article.  Keep up the great work.  And John,
>thanks again for a great site and this chance to "chat" with other


I've added Karen's and your comments to the Argyll page.

Regarding the recent ado about Scandinavian vs. Highland
(or Norman vs. Gaelic), I'm the person who may have first asked
the question on the list, by inserting this item in the FAQ:

 But Sinclair is a Norman name from a Norman family.
 Does the Gaelic clan system really apply?

While my intent was merely to see if anyone had some clarification,
I must say that the recent discussion has been quite interesting.

Personally, I thought the answer from the Alexander MacLean Sinclair
book covered it pretty well.  I don't see that it contradicts anything
in the Black book or in yours and Karen's recent research.  The only
place the quote from the former book refers to a Gaelic version of the
Sinclair name it labels it as speculation ("probably").

What will we find to talk about next? :-)

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