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Re: Sinclairs by mistake?

Dear Donald:
Migod you do blether on:" perhaps you remember me?....etc etc."   How could
I ever forget the man who went line for line with me at the Hotel in Lybster
with Burns' Address to a Haggis?  How could I ever forget the man who (like
me) likes to stay to the end to see how it turns out?  How could I ever
forget the man with the eternal twinkle in the 'ee"  Lovely to hear from you
good and dear man!
Won't be in Scotland in August as I just got back. I had been in touch with
both Niven and Malcolm and I knew about the Norwegians but couldn't change
my plans that had me arriving on the 16th of April.  I went over mainly for
a piping conference but I of course went to Rosslyn and then went up to
Caithness and stayed with Lady Margaret.  John was there and doing some
serious politicking for the Liberal-Democrats and I believe his party was
elected for Caithness and  Sutherland but John was helping another man to
get elected for the Scottish Parliament and was not eager for the seat
himself.  He may have other ambitions for another Parliament (the one south
of the Tweed).  His family have had a long line of Liberal Parliamentarians
going all the way back to Sir John himself.
I'll send on a couple of back issues of our newsletter "Rosslyn O' Rosslyn"
for your edification and you'll only be able to buy me a snort if I don't
get you one first!
My very best to you and Mary                        Yours Aye,
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Subject: Re: Sinclairs by mistake?

>Dear Rory,
>               This is Donald J.H. Sinclair of San Rafael, California.  You
>will remember we first met a couple of years ago when my cousin John of
>Brisbane, Qld, came over to attend our first group busload to Caithness.
>John and I are both blood cousins of Niven's. You also know me and my
>red-head Mary from Loon Mountain.  Greetings Rory, I've enjoyed reading
>various comments re the Sinclairs.  My association with computers is fairly
>new, just about six months or so.  I would like to be better versed in
>use, but get very frustrated from time to time, as I imagine all folks at
>tender age probably also do!  We'll probably be 'talking' from time to time
>now that I have your address.  We both enjoyed Loon Mountain and it was
>to see you there.  Great shame that Pete Cummings was taken from us.  At
>age we find more and more of our friends meet their fate suddenly.  We can
>only remember them as wonderful people who contributed very positively to
>We are going to Scotland in August for about three weeks and will of course
>be up in the North for some of that time.  Perhaps you have plans to travel
>there?  Let us know if you plan to be there.  As you probably know we met
>Lady Margaret and son in Wick, with the Norwegians.  She is very much,
>the gracious lady we remember.  What a shame Robin is not around to see
>is happening with the Sinclairs!
>If you have a spare copy of your news-letter with the "Rosslyn O' Rosslyn"
>article I would greatly appreciate a copy. Our address is 38 Beach Drive,
>Rafael, CA 94901, USA.  I'll buy you a snort when I see you, to make up for
>the postage!
>All the best,
>Donald & Mary Sinclair.
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