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new items in the web pages

For all these items, see http://www.mids.org/sinclair/.

The main change this week is the new material for Clan Sinclair Canada;
look under the maple leaf.

That new material includes a list of books and other materials sold
by Clan Sinclair Canada, with crosslinks to the book page.

For those of you looking for items such as the Morrison book,
it is listed on the book page (look under Publications),
with publication details, along with many other books.

The pieces recently seen on the list about the Battle of Hastings
and the Battle of Rosslyn are in web pages now.

Does anybody know if the battle in the legend of the hound
was the same Battle of Rosslyn?

There are more crosslinks between the FAQ and the glossary and
other pages.

The comments on the pages about the discussion list and about
the web pages have been organized more legibly.

Keep in mind that these web pages were never intended
to be the only Sinclair web pages.  They are more of an overview that should
over time increasingly use links into other pages elsewhere.
Send in URLs for your own web pages; I will add links to them.

And I'm still hinting that it would be good if somebody volunteered
to handle the proposed new web pages about notable Sinclairs.
It seems that Laurel and Niven will be writing a lot of the
material, so the task will be mainly to put the material into
web pages.

John Sinclair Quarterman <jsq@mids.org>
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