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Re: Computer Format for Family Tree

Dear Polly:  I have been using "Roots", a program of the Broderbund Company in California from the start of my documentation on family history.  Roots has grown more powerful and more useful, but also somewhat demanding of your production of data, and I have stuck with it through all of the upgrades, now working with RootsV.  They have also produced Visual Roots, for people who want to print out their tree with pictures of the people who are represented on the grid.  I purchased a less expensive program called Family Gathering, but hated the work of entering all the data from a printout of my Roots V, and finally decided I would stick with my tried and familiar Roots and not bother whatl's left of my mind with learning new tricks.  Roots has a great capacity for data of all kinds, and if you push the right buttons,
you can add pictures, write biographies, make several differant kinds of charts, lists, and reports, etc.  I have talked to friends who have worked well with Family Tree and other more simple programs, and they are generally satisfied, but we all have to ask ourself how much time and work are we willing to invest in the written results of our family history endeavors.  Certainly if you want to write a book, it will pay you to look into the more sophisticated programs such as RootsV, but if you only basically want  some four-generation charts with Birth-marriage-children and - Death data, there are a number of inexpensive programs available, including some from the LDS office in Salt Lake City.  Best of luck to you, Ray Lower