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RE: Sinclairs of Exeter


I think that the information you are looking for is:

"The History of the Sinclair Family in Europe and America for Eleven Hundred
Years", Leonard Allison Morrison. Originally published 1896. 453 pages.

If your local book contacts cannot find it, you can get a copy from:

Higginson Book Company
148 Washington Street
Post Office 778
Salem, MA 01970
E-mail: higgnsn@cove.com
Voice: 508-745-7170

Higginson's has to print out a new copy of the book from a master for each
order so it takes 10-12 weeks for an order to be filled. The hard bound
edition is $78.50; soft bound copies are $68.50.

I have a copy of this work and it really is fascinating. If you order from
Higginson's (or wherever) I would recommend that you spend the extra $10.00
to get the hard bound cover. It will hold up much better over the years.

Hope this is the information you were looking for.

Paul Sinclair

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> Speaking of Morrison' book, can someone repeat the correct title
> and author
> please.  I used to have it stored, but my computer crashed a
> while back, and I
> lost all my emails.
> I've found a new antique bookstore, and they will try to locate a
> copy for me,
> given the details.
> Thanks,
> Toni

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