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Re: Sinclair booth at Celtic festival

>   These Celts were horse-riding Cimmerian (Summarians?) and Sythians (that
>is what Gengis Kahn was 1200 A.D.) people from the steppes of Russia.  In
>390 B.C. they sacked Rome and in 279 invaded Greece.  Another group of them
>in 278 invaded Turkey.  Well this goes on accounting their history as they
>moved westward and finally are mostly destroyed by the Romans hundreds of
>years later.  It is quite an unknown history to most people.  At this early
>time they already had a very well developed culture.

While Scythians, Huns (Attila), and Mongols (Genghis Khan) were all
horse-riding peoples from the Eurasian steppes, they weren't the same peoples.
The Huns probably were related to the Mongols, however. See:

The Celts were a more settled people.  They had migrated into western
Europe long before the Huns arrived.  By the time Julius Caesar fought
them, they were the main residents of Gaul (modern-day France, Belgium,
and Germany).  They later fought the Huns, just as the Romans did.  It
was mostly the Germans, such as the Anglo-Saxons in Britain and the
Vandals in Spain, that pushed the Celts out to the rocky fringes of the
western world, in Scotland, Ireland, Wales, Cornwall, Brittany, and
Galicia.  (Actually, the Celts moved inwards to Brittany from Great
Britain after the fall of the western Roman empire.) See:

Celtic Britain was a province in the Roman Empire for centuries;
the Romans had no interest in destroying the Celts there.  They did
build walls to keep the Picts in Caledonia, which wasn't called Scotland
yet because the Scots hadn't yet migrated from Ireland.

Cimmeria was, I'm pretty sure, mythical, and for that matter I'm not
sure that Robert Howard didn't personally make it up as the homeland
of his Conan character.  See

Sumeria was a historical part of Mesopotamia, and is often considered
to be the birthplace of civilization, more than 5,000 years ago.
A famous person from Sumeria was Abraham.

>    We hear about the Bible being preserved, but I didn't realize that maybe
>most of the ancient writings of the Greeks, etc. were also copied and
>preserved by the Irish.

Actually, many ancient Greek writings were preserved by the Byzantines
and the Muslims.  The Irish may have helped.

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