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Re: Connections with Portugal??


>There are 48 Sutherland names in the index of Vol 1 of Pete Cummings
>"Genealogy of Prince Henry Sinclair"  See book section of website.

Your report on the Bell book, along with its particulars, are also now on
Look under Publications for the books page.

>    I was about to return the borrowed book "A Prospect of Sutherland" by
>Gilbert T. Bell.  I don't know whether you were on this site at the time I
>gave a brief report of it???
>It gives a chapter of the ancient history of the Sutherlands.  It goes into
>depth about family from about the 1700's  and gives a good account of a
>great family scandal.  It tells about the Duke of Sutherland who built the
>RR a branch of which went over to wick.  He promoted many schemes to help
>employ the people around there.  I'm sure that some of our Sinclairs must
>have gone over to work in the mines or on the RR.  He brought in great
>agricultural machinery but the land just wouldn't be fruitful.  Really
>interesting to read some of the nuts and bolts of the economy.

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