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Re: Sinclair booth at Celtic festival

Here, in my part of the woods, there is a Celtic festival in which Scottish 
clans and those of Irish persuation set up booths. A friend, a MacKenzie who 
mans a booth for that clan, suggested I do one for the Sinclairs. If I do, I 
would need assistance from those of you who can help with appropriate photos, 
legends, etc. Anyone interested?

The festival is held in April. I purchased a small book on the Sinclairs and 
a framed tartan with our motto/seal and a picture of a woman wearing the 
ancient tartan as a sort of shawl. I'm looking at it now as a reminder of all 
of you.

I've been absent because of a new at-home job, shoulder injury, and a 
17-week-old puppy. Whew! Glad to be back. Oops, gotta go. The puppy, Cleo, 
needs to go out.

Yours Aye,
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