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Highland Games

Saturday and Sunday, April 24 & 25, The 123rd Sacramento Valley Scottish 
Games and Gathering was held in Woodland, California. The days were beautiful 
and the crowds were huge. Clan Sinclair was prominent in the Glen of the 
Clans with a double tent setup. The front of the tent was filled with 
displays and information and the back tent was a beehive of activity with all 
of the Sinclairs talking, planning for 2000 and generally getting reaquainted 
after the winter months.

Gary Parsons was kind enough to bring his casting, the Angel and the 
Engrailed Cross, from the Rosslyn Chapel for display. Gary's daughter 
Melissa, who dances in the Sinclair blue and white tartan, took three third 
places in the Premier level of Highland Dance competition.

One of the visitors to the tent was Kerry Gay, his brother Dino stopped 
later. Kerry and Dino are descendents of Captain Thomas Gay who sailed the 
barque, the Bessie, from Pigeon Bay in New Zealand to Tahiti, to Vancouver 
Island, to Hawaii. The Bessie arrived in Honolulu in 1863. There the 
Sinclairs purchased Niihau Island from King Kamehameha. Captain Thomas Gay 
was married to Jean Sinclair, Daughter of Captain Frances Sinclair and wife 
Eliza McHutchison. Kerry is trying to contact his cousins from the Sinclairs 
that are scattered around the world.

The Games were well attended. In the athletic competition, 3 world records 
were set. Entertainment was provided by Seamus Kennedy, Men of Worth, Clan na 
Gael, Golden Bough and Tempest. Nine pipe bands provided the correct sounds 
for a Scottish gathering.

People that assisted at the tent were: Commissioner Ray and Jeanne Lower, 
Commissioner Donald and Mary F. Sinclair, Vice President West Jerry Sinclair, 
Mollie Sinclair. George Sinclair, and Commissioner Gary and Mary H. Sinclair. 
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