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New Zealand--Captain Francis Sinclair

The recent discussion of Captain Francis Sinclair prompted me to track down 
the Ida von Holt book, "Stories of Long Ago."  Fascinating story.  I suspect 
the book is not widely available, but I found a copy at the Kamehameha 
Schools in Honolulu.

I was interested to see a passage concerning Captain Sinclair's son, Francis, 
concerning the search for a new Earl of Caithness in the 1880s [would that be 
number 17, that was talked about a few months back?].  In any event, Ida 

	"In 1883 my uncle, Francis Sinclair, who was then living at his 
beautiful home "The Pines" on Mt. Eden in Auckland, New Zealand, heard of the 
death without heir of the reigning earl.  Though he knew he was next of kin, 
he did not let hemself be known, even though the English and Scotch papers 
advertised widely for an heir to come forward.  He had previously been up in 
the north of Scotland, and seen the estate near Aberdeen.  As the fine castle 
Dunbeath was going to ruin, and he had no children, he did not wish to assume 
the responsibilities of the title, and make his home in that part of 
Scotland.  A cousin of the late earl, a barrister in London, was found and 
proved next of kin and took the title.  he died in 1920 in Hollywood, 
California without heirs, and was the last Earl of Caithness of our immediate 
Sinclair Clan.  My mother, Anne Sinclair Knudson, who was living in Hollywood 
at that time, went to the funeral and put flowers on his grave."

Does this story match with what others know about the situation?  Is the 
gentleman described the person who had lived in North Dakota and later 
Balboa, California?  

Given that Captain Francis Sinclair , born in Edinburgh, was the son of Sir 
George Sinclair, does anyone know if he had siblings?  If so, are their names 

  Chris Melahn
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