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Re: Inactivity on list?

Meanwhile, I've recycled some older material.  Look under New in
The Last Clan War and the Battle of Altimarlach 
(by Karen J. Matheson, Neil Sinclair, and Richard Huseth) 

Origin of Argyll Sinclairs 
(by Karen J. Matheson) 

John Sinclair Quarterman <jsq@mids.org>

>Must be spring fever. We have lots of e-mails from the Arkansas list serve and
>way too many from the MG (as in the cars from Morris Garage) list serve. Maybe
>the Sinclairs have run out of things to say?!? :)    Desiree
>MSiperek@aol.com wrote:
>> I haven't had any e-mails from the list in the last few days, did I acidentl
>> get disconnected or has Spring fever hit?    Marilyn
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