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Re: Parents of Archibald Sinclair

Information requested might be acquired within the publication "The Sinclairs of
Caithness, and Goshen" by the Rev. A. Maclean Sinclair and published in 1901
and available for purchase from:         Rory Sinclair
                                                         Secretary, Clan Sinclair
Association of Canada
                                                         133 Major Street
                                                         Toronto, ON  M5S 2K9
 He'd welcome the sale ( if  copy of book available) or perhaps you might be
 to purchase one when attending a future clan gathering.

Until then....IF (!/?)  your Archibald was born in 1834, being the 4th son of
Sinclair and died at Londonderry, Nova Scotia;...then.....his father William was
married about 1821 by Rev Thomas Trotter to Isabel, daughter of John Macdonald,
Beaver Meadow, Antigonish, and they had 13 children: Agnes, b 1822, Isabel b
1824, Grace b 1826, John Alexander b 1828, Robert b 1830, William-Hill b 1832,
Archibald b 1834,
Donald Macconnachie b 1836, Lewis b 1838, Angus b 1840, James D b 1843, Ranald b
1845, and Mary b 1848.
William Sinclair d 4th August 1862,  His wife d 19 September 1883.

William was eldest son of Alexander Sinclair,  2nd son of William Sinclair in
Shurery, SCT, whose wife was Isabel Sutherland (baptized 20 May 1770). Alexander
was b 4 April 1806 and his baptism was witnessed by John Gunn and Barbara
Sutherland in
Backlass...They moved from Backlass to Uag of Dunbeath in parish of Latheron
Robert and Donald were born.  ...Alexander (family) left Latheron and sailed for
America in spring of 1816, landing in Halifax in June...lived a few years 1/2
mile below
foot of  Lochaber Lake on farm leased from Wentworth Taylor...about 1820 family
moved to 'Backlands of St Mary's' (now known as Goshen)...Alexander d 13 May
1841, his wife Isabel Sutherland d 4 May 1854.

William (b 24 June 1794) had property in Goshen adjacent to his brother John
(b 9 April 1797) who was the 2nd son of Alexander.

The above FYI was extracted from a copy of text (after approx 82 yrs) loaned by
Harold M Sinclair of Goshen for Clan Sinclair Gathering : Antigonish and Goshen,
August 1983.

Their are many Williams & Isabels/Isabellas amongst the Sinclair clan in NS,
you might have some specific dates to ensure potential of a 'possible hit'....
                      Happy Hunting !......    John Sinclair

MargieH337@aol.com wrote:

> > Hi! I just found out that the parents of my great-grandfather were William
> Sinclair & Isabella ? and Archibald was born at St. Mary's, Guys, NS, CAN.,
> not in Scotland as I previously thought. Does anyone have any info on
> William & Isabella? The only thing that I know is that they were farmers. Any
> additional info would be greatly appreciated! ( Really enjoy reading all of
> your messages). Margie
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