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Donald the Sailor

Ed Brumby

I was very interested in the notes about this 'Donald the Sailor' 
My understanding of his ancestry is as foloows:

David Sinclair of Broynach had 2 sons by Janet Ewing -
1.	David	Born Circa1703  - Died Circa 1760
		md Margaret Mackay (?More) 21OCT1744
2.	Donald 	(The sailor) Born Circa1710  - Died 1788
		md Catherine Sinclair 30 NOV 1736 (dau John Sinclair of Thrumster)

This Donald had a family of at least 6 sons and 5 daughters. The sons were
named James,  John  Robert  Henry  Francis and Donald 
I am interested in the son John as i believe that my Sinclair line is
descended from him, though i am finding difficult to prove. 
Do you have any information that might assist me?

Ian Sinclair
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