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Re: Astonishing Sinclair history!

Hi Laurel and all,
In the South Island of New Zealand there are two Mount Sinclairs. 
I can get more info to put on about these particular Sinclairs it is 
just a matter a reading up on things again.

The Mt Sinclair named after Captain Sinclair and his family is on the 
Banks Peninsula at a place called Pigeon Bay, a beautiful place which 
happens to be my most favourite place in New Zealand. There is a 
smaller bay inside Pigeon Bay that was formerly known as Sinclair Bay
and the two points on either side named after two of Captain 
Sinclair's daughters.
I have heaps of information on Captain Sinclair and his family.

The other Mt Sinclair is in more central South Island. 
There is a point at the bottom of the North Island of NZ named 
Sinclair Head. I think?  

My great great great grandfather lived and built boats in caves until 
he built his house. Many of the settlers arrived to find nothing 
here. Often people lived in tents for a long time.
Caves have been used y the earliest people such as the Maori of nz 
for shelter.

When my web site gets up properly I hope to put as much info on it as 
I possibly can.There is so much to tell.


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