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Re: The Sinclair's March

Juli:  many years ago when I was active on the Clan Sinclair tent circuit, I invested in many books, including a bandsman's book that contained the score for many of the standard pipeband pieces, including the Sinclair March.  I asked many pipers to play this and let me record it for use in the tent, but they all said it was a difficult tune, and they lacked the experience/skill to do it, so I wound up giving it to a friend who plays with the Sacramento Shrine Band.  The book was named as one volume of a two-volume set of the Black Watch Pipe Band's Music, or something like that.  My guess is that most Grade I through III have copies of this for their usual practice.  Pipe teachers also would be a likely source for the tune.  President Emeritus David Bouschor says it's a "quick march" but he doesn't say he has any CD's or tapes of the tune.  If anyone finds this in commercial stocks, I would appreciate knowing how to obtain it.
Ray Lower, coqnord@goldstate.net.