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Clan Sinclair Website Reporter?

    Constantly, and particularly yesterday, John Quarterman is adding more
and more interesting items to the Clan Website.  I really don't know whether
you are a frequent visitor to the site, or like myself have just been there
a couple of times.  When I have gone, I always make a mental note to do this
regularly so that I can keep up with the info but then somehow that mental
note goes......do you suppose there is a round file in our heads??
    I was wondering whether you readers would find it valuable to have
someone contribute a brief description of something they have found
interesting/valuable/ or whatever on the Clan site.  Sort of a website
reporter.  That could be the Subject line then those not interested could
skip it.  This could certainly include other websites also.

The goal of this is to encourage people to visit the site  to find answers
to their questions  because many of the questions that come in on this site
could be answered if you will just visit  the Clan site.  If you don't find
an answer there, send your question to me sitled FAQ.   Remember if you have
any specific contributions, suggestions or complaints address them directly
to John Quarterman.

    Now to complete the whole thought....We could use someone to take on
this position.  We see them as more of a coodinator, possibly.  So the rest
of us could send them our own contributions...for instance:
    I found the description of the the Caithness flagstones really
interesting and one of these days I'll come across some more information to
enlarge our thoughts on this subject.  At that time I could send them to the
coordinator who would send them out as they see fit.
    I can see maybe another positive side of this.  AS in my example, it
might encourage some of us with more information on some item to get it
actually sent in and added perhaps to the website.  And as more and more
facts are found, perhaps there are parts of some of the website articles
that need correcting or updating.  Please always list your sources.
    So what is your thinking on this?

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