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AUTOPOST: Guest Book Entry [Kathleen Sinclair Trappen]

Author:   Kathleen Sinclair Trappen 
Reply-to: mailto:trappen@webnexus.com
Location: San Jose, CA USA
Date:     Monday, April 5, 1999

I'm very happy to see this website and I would love any input on my "Sinclair" family. My GGGrandfather is William Hampton Sinclair,(b 1818 in Ohio). He was married to Emily Susan Taylor,(b 1824 in Virgina). William had a least 3 brothers, Western Sinclair(Wes.), Harry Sinclair (of the Sinclair Oil Family and mixed up in the Teapot Dome Scandals and GGrandfather James Hampton,(b 1853, Ohio)and John Sinclair an attorney from Ohio.
My Grandfather Samuel Forester Sinclair(b 1875) was married to Agnes Tate (b 1881) in Grant City, Missouri. Samuel Forester Sinclair was a butcher, James Hampton Sinclair,a Cattleman(in Palo Alto,CA) and William Hampton Sinclair owned a furniture store.
If anyone has information on William Hampton Sinclair, his parents? and where they came from, I'd appreciate it.  I also would appreciate any info on my Grandmother Agnes Tate. She died in  Tucson,AZ in 1919.  Her father was Charles Tate and mother, Anna Stark or Starts. Best of all, if any knows our family lineage back to Scotland ( and Ireland for Agnes Tate)I would love to hear from you.

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