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Subject: Help from you on FAQ's
Date: Fri, 2 Apr 1999 07:29:06 -0800

Dear Cousins,
    John Quarterman has asked me to help develop a FAQ (frequently asked
questions) link from the main website.  I thought that I would go to the
experts on this.....YOU.
    What are some of the questions that led you to and around  The Clan
website and to this one....  Since then what other questions have come to
mind?  These could be on how to do whatever, or find whatever, why, what do
I do next, is anyone reading this message, etc.
    I'm not sure whether it is better to send these ideas directly to this
site or directly to me.  Of course, if you think that it might be a more
personal question or if you hesitate because you think that you are the only
one having this question, send it to me.  Don't use this site to express
your annoyance with something just send a short statement of your question.
You may be surprise to find out that many others have had the same question.
Whatever you are comfortable with, will be fine.  This will be an ongoing
project.  So if you think of something in a month or two, etc., send a
message.  Put "FAQ" in the subject line.

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