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RE: New Images of Scotland

Richard -

FYI - in case you didn't know - Auchindrain is of great importance to us
Sinclairs!!  Thank you for the photographs they are lovely.  My Sinclair
ancestors lived at Auchindrain through the 1880s.  I have traced them back
at Auchindrain to the early 1700s at the moment.

I was at Auchindrain in February and fell immediately in love.  It was
raining and sleeting hard.  I was with my sister and granny and had only
just arrived earlier that day from the US.  It is indescribable the feelings
that shuddered through me as I approached Auchindrain from Inveraray.  At
first sighting - my initial reaction was to pull the car to the side of the
road - jump out and roll around in (my now ruined) tweed blazer in the wet
bogie ground.

Auchindrain was closed of course.  It is only open May - October I believe.
I did not enter the grounds but took shots running up and down the road with
a zoom lens.  Honestly at that moment I didn't even care if one photo came
out.  I WAS THERE.  I was drinking in the same air, gulping the same rain,
touching the same textures and viewing the most incredible landscape my
ancestors had for years before me.  By the time I made it back to the car I
was shaking.  Who needs drugs - what a high.  There was extensive discussion
between my granny and sister regarding my ability to continue driving.  They
had to sit back and hold on - only my name was on the insurance for the
rental car!!

Richard - you were obviously at Auchindrain while it was open.  Do you have
any other interior shots of some of the restored buildings - would love to
see them.  You should let John MacDonald, the curator of Auchindrain, aware
of your site - it is beautiful.

Thank you again for making my morning a great one.

Juli Anderson

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I have completed the Scottish portion of my web site with the addition of
the section entitled "Historic Sites of Scotland."  It includes photographs
of Alloway (home of Robert Burns), Auchindrain, Bannockburn, Clava Cairns,
Culloden, Fort George, Palace of Holyroodhouse, Neptune's Staircase, Saint
Margaret's Chapel, Scone Palace, and miscellaneous sheep (yes, sheep are
historically important, although not these particular sheep).

There are now a total of approximately 200 images of Scotland at

Please e-mail me if you encounter any problems while navigating through
this site--missing images, inoperable buttons, incorrect captions, etc.

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[ This is the Sinclair family discussion list, sinclair@jump.net.
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