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AUTOPOST: Guest Book Entry [Sharon Sinclair]

Author:   Sharon Sinclair 
Reply-to: mailto:Shapring@aol.com
Location: Ellington, CT USA
Date:     Saturday, March 27, 1999

My name is Sharon Sinclair of a short line of Sinclair's that must have floundered into Canada early 1800.  
I have Robert Sinclair of Scotland married to Marguerite Loranger (dit)Rivard in a PROTESTANT service at Trois Rivieres (Three Rivers) Provence Quebec Oct 23, 1815.
He and his wife settled with there 5 children in the county of Nicolet (just south of Three Rivers) about 1828.  The last 2 daughter were baptised Catholic (John was not present for these). Children John, Peter, Mary, Cleophee, Marie Zoe.  
John had 4 children and died before the death of his 8 year old son William in 1854. His son Hercules had about 12 children and migrated to New England about 1880. His son Edmond married in 1899 in Manchester, NH and had 8 children.  He abandoned his wife and children before the birth of his last child in 1913 and returned to Canada. He died in Nicolet about 1944.  
His sons were Adrien who married Alice
Walter (my grandfather)married Cecile LaFrance of Canada and had 3 children. He died in 1956 Manchester NH.
George born 1910 married Aurora and moved to Calif. where he died. 
His brother Rudolph born 1912, married Aurora's cousin and they may have divorced. He became a hobo of sorts and eventually joined George in Calif. where he also died. 
There were also daughter Irene married to Jaikitus, Eva married to Fred Brandt, and My Great Aunt who is still alive.
My father Raymond died in 1971, his sister died in 1962 and their brother is still alive in Manchester, NH.
I would love to connect with part of this family that went to Calif. or that is still in Canada.
Sharon Sinclair

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