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Dalmally and Caithness photos

Thanks to all who responded about my photographs.

Due to apparent great interest in the Dalmally Church, I have added three
additional images of the church and/or churchyard.  They are in the
"Dalmally" section of the "MacGregor" area of the web site.

I have also completed the nine photos planned for the "Coast of Caithness"

I have been asked if I am a professional photographer.  No, I am not.  I'm
just an amateur who has taken thousands of scenic landscape photos and
hundreds of pictures of my grandchildren.

I have also been asked about the availability of the pamphlet I quoted in
several of the Dalmally Church photos.  It is simply a 8 1/4 X 11 1/2 sheet
of paper entitled "Glenorchy Church and Churchyard: A Brief Tour" which was
available in the church vestibule for a small donation to help support
restoration projects for the church.  No address or publisher information
is given.

The caption of one of the new Dalmally images quotes from the booklet
"Dalmally Church" which was also available in the vestibule for a small
fee.  It contains 30 pages and includes color and black-and-white
photographs.  It covers the history of the church, buildings and
restorations, 1988-1991 restoration, the churchyard, ministers of
Glenorchy, church caretakers, and some dates in the history of the church
and parish.  This booklet was produced by the Dalmally Historical
Association in 1991.  It was published by H.H. Baney, Orchy Bheag,
Dalmally, Argyll PA33 1AX.  All proceeds from the sale of the booklet go to
the Dalmally Church Restoration Fund.  


Richard Huseth
Austin, Texas    

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