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RE: Argyll photos

Richard - thank you for a wonderful tour of Scotland!  Your photographs are
wonderful.  I have to go and clean my screen now because I kept pointing
headstones out to my family from the Dalmally shots - saying, "oh look,
there is our Duncan McVean's stone etc..."

I can't wait to pass along the address to your site - it is well worth
sharing with many and you should be very proud.  Thank you so much for
taking the time to construct a beautiful web site.  It was like being in
Dalmally all over again for me.

Thank you again and again.

And thank you John for providing a link from the Sinclair page - I am
thrilled that we have such quality links as this.

John and Richard both - one last thank you.

Ready Aye Ready,

Princeton, NJ - but Forever Argyll.

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