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Re: St. Clair and Sinclair spellings(Sharon Sinclair)

	This is  very interesting since I am trying to connect my Sinclair line to
something in Scotland.  All I have is a Robert Sinclair Protestant marriage to
a Marie Marguerite of Margaret Loranger (dit/also Rivard, I cannot connect to
her parents in Canada either) on 23 Oct 1815 at Trois Riviers (or Three
Rivers) in Provence Quebec.  It is noted that he was Scottish.
	In 1828 the family settled in Nicolet; just south of Trois Riveres.  At this
point I notice that the spelling of the name is almost exclusively SINCLAIR
the occasional ST.CLAIR is used only for some marriages but most all the
records are SINCLAIR. 
	However with the introduction of a new SINCLAIR (of unknown origin) there is
the spelling SYNCLAIR. This only appears when my line at a Catholic baptism or
marriage has the other SYNCLAIR as the Godparents.
	The other family is NORBERT SYNCLAIR married to MARIE BELLEROSE  marriage
sometime 1831 (unknown exact date and location).  This family appears to be
connected somehow to my GGGGGrandfather Robert Sinclair's other son PETER
SYNCLAIR married to MARIE RENE in Nicolet 1851.
	The various spellings of the name is important to me since this part of
Canada is almost exclusively French.  The spelling would be noted at ST.CLAIR
in all cases.  In my case it is not.  For some reason the family must have
insisted that the spelling remain SINCLAIR or the occasional SYNCLAIR.
	Would anyone care to comment on this, or have any connection to these
families or location in Canada/New Hampshire.
Sharon Sinclair
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