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St. Clair and Sinclair spellings

To Chris, Ray, and anyone else interested in a possible evolution of our name:

While talking with Rebecca last week, she said her grandmother called her husband "Sinclair", the same way which we pronounce it "Sinkler" (accent on Sin!).  It suddenly hit me that it might be possible that the St. Clairs who stayed in the Lothian/Rosslyn area of Scotland might prefer to keep the "French" version.

However, the ones who went north to Caithness may have started using a version
which sounded more like a local name (note the many village names like Lybster,
Brabster, Nybster, and Sibster.)

For those of you who know what part of Scotland your ancestors come from, does
this work out at all?  Jean Haddow, since you are in Scotland, do you notice any difference in the pronunciation between the northerners and the southerners?

Just an idea I thought I'd pass on.


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