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Re: ThomasJeffersonSt.Clair1839-1907

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>I found it interesting to see the evolution in spelling of the Sinclair/St.
>Clair surname. 
Yes, there is some sense -  St Clair is the NORMAN origin - William
 the Conqueror and all that and the need for the conquerors to be
accepted.  That all linked to the earlier great sweep north of the
Normans.  What is really confusing is that the "Normans" had already
swept, very much earlier,  south into Europe from what we now, a tad
laughingly, call Scandinavia.
> Do you have a sense of the factors--internal to the family?
>external to the family?--that shaped this sequence?

I don't know how to communicate all of this very clearly - I do know the
history and there is a powerful ebb and flow over time.  The evolution
of the Sinclair surname so much reflects the factors you ask about and
it gives me, personally, enormous pleasure to hear from soemone who
actually recognises that. I hope I have explained a bit about the
evolution of the name. 
Please be in touch with me again.

There is so much more to say about the family factors.
Regards  Jean Haddow -e-mail   jean@hadpad.demon.co.uk

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Anyway  - greetings

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Jean Haddow