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Re: test with shortened headers

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>But John....did I pass the test?<G>

Well, actually, considering that the test said "please ignore"....

We seem to be seeing a lot of need for explanations of how lists
and electronic mail in general work, plus a need for explanations
of conventions of this list.  Fortunately, lots of people have
written up much of this in messages to the list in the last week
or so.  I'm going to collect some of them and turn them into a FAQ
(Frequently Asked Questions compilation) in the web pages about the list.
Even though all your messages are publicly available through Paul's
search page, I will ask each poster for permission first, partly in
hopes of provoking more useful prose.

If there are more questions that people want answered, or answers
that people would like included in the FAQ, please either post them
here or let me know.

Meanwhile, a popular question recently seems to have been:
 Why are some people are seeing two copies of messages?

As someone pointed out, this is because if someone explicitly copies
you in the Cc: line, you will get that copy plus the list copy.  This
still puzzles some people, because the two copies don't arrive at the
same time; rather minutes apart.

For analogy, consider if someone writes you a paper letter and
at the same time sends it in to Yours Aye.  You will see it days
or weeks later in the newsletter than in the personal copy.

Same thing with a Cc: copy.  It goes more directly than the copy to the list.
The list copy has to go to the machine with the list software, and then be
forwarded from there to each list subscriber.  That takes longer.
It may be only minutes longer, rather than days or weeks, but the
same principle applies.

John Sinclair Quarterman <jsq@mids.org>