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Re: What did I do?

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>Sorry for causing this problem for you, Paul.  I wrote it late at night PST
>which feels even later at this end of the continent since I know most of you
>have been snuggled in bed for hours on the other side.  So I was a bit
>groggy and didn't pay attention properly.  I did get a message from her
>today.  Thanks to John who must have sent it on.

You're welcome, but I didn't do anything special about your message
in particular, nor did Paul Sinclair.  It was handled automatically
by software.

All messages to this list are archived, and have been since the list
started.  It has always been possible for any list subscriber to
retrieve them via mail using majordomo.

A few weeks ago Paul set up a web page mechanism for searching the archives:
(You can also find it by looking in
for the list, and then for archives.)

Related to his guestbook, Paul has more recently set up an automatic mechanism
that notes when somebody writes a guestbook entry, and automatically a few
days later mails that person a web link to any postings to the list that
are related to the person's guestbook entry.  The reminder also tells the
person about the list again, so that they are encouraged to subscribe.

So your message was automatically made available to the person who
posted the guestbook entry, without any of us having to do anything
manually to your message to make it happen.  Software did all the work,
much of it while we were sleeping.

The way the list, the various pieces of software, and the web pages
work together I like to think of as another good example of Sinclair

John S. Quarterman <jsq@mids.org>
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