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RE: What did I do?

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I saw your reply to Shirley Vaughn's Guest Book entry with much helpful
information in it. It was posted to the List and if you did not also copy
her directly, she did not receive it if she is not subscribed to the List.
But she should get the information anyway. I have set up the Guest Book so
that after 4 days anyone who posts an entry receives an automatic follow up
note which gives them a link to the MessageID for their note. They can click
on the link and go directly to their message and see any replies that have
been posted on this List regarding it. So she will most likely get your
message and get back with you. In Shirley's case, she will get a note saying
she can go to the following link to look at any replies to her message:


I suspect that alot of the messages posted to the List from the Guest Book
will receive replies to the List without a copy directly to the person
making the entry. I am hoping that by sending the person a link to their
message and its thread, that will make sure they have the benefit of any
information that is generated on the List.

Paul Sinclair

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> Subject: What did I do?
> I sent a lot of good family information to a Shirley whose query
> came by way
> of the AUTOPOST.  But now I'm wondering whether I sent it back to her or
> just to our group?  I think that is what happened since I haven't
> heard from
> her.  Now I have deleted it all?
> Laurel

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