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Old Photos

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To all Sinclairs,

	 I have subscribed to this list for several months now and never
participated. My name is Donald John Sinclair, b. June 25, 1944, in
Saskatchewan, Canada.

In going through some of my dead father's belongings recently, I came across a
document titled "The Sinclair Family As I Know It" in my fathers own hand.

It contains many photographs of my early ancesters, I have to assume passed on
to my father from his father and mother, dating back three or four generations
to their roots in the county of Wick in Scotland.

I wonder if anyone would be interested in me scanning the photos and the
information I have on them and posting them  on this site? I have never
researched my family, and frankly don't know where to start. I could perhaps
post one set weekly.

Is this something that would be of interest to anyone??


Don Sinclair
St. Albert, Alberta, Canada

E-mail: plmnice@home.com
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