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Re: Pete Cummings memorial page

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>I want to thank whoever transposed my message to the site in memory of Pete
>Cummings.  I would have never known it existed without this site and that is
>the value of its existence.  Thank you to all who have the expertise to
>create such magnificant works.
>Jean Grigsby

Yesterday I collected the messages seen thus far about Pete into
and announced it to this list (the announcement is also one of
the messages in the page.  At the same time, I also put in links to
that page from numerous places in the Clan Sinclair web pages, for
example under New Items on the front page.

I'll be happy to add further such messages to that page.  Anyone
who wants their message added, please either mention that you want
that done when you post it to the list, or drop a note to
sinclair-web@mids.org to say so.

John Sinclair Quarterman <jsq@mids.org>
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