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Re: Purpose and more

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To Rebecca, and the rest of the Sinclair cousins

I join you all in feeling sadness at Pete Cummings death.  His enthusiasm and
dedication to furthering Clan Sinclair history and the Prince Henry saga will
long be remembered.  I'm so glad that Rory S. will attend the funeral on behalf
of the Canadian brannch of the Clan.  I've heard him play the pipes many times,
and I know he'll do us all proud.

Coincidentally, I corresponded with Pete last week,to see if we could meet
together with Rebecca while we were both in Florida, to have a "southern
gathering".  However, he would be heading back north about the same time as we
were driving south.  Sadly, "Maybe next year" won't happen either.

Let's hope we all live up to his standard of honour.  The question was raised:
What makes a true Sinclair?  I think he's your answer.


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