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Re: True Sinclair

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>I to am curious as to what a true Sinclair is.
>I believe that any Questions, Public Discussion, etc. ridiculous or not, is
>useful and necessary.
>Since I found this Group, I realy am exited to get up in the morning, to
>check my e-mail.

Asking questions is good; discussion is good.
However, I have to say I think shouting MURDER
in a crowded list was tacky at best.

This is my personal opinion, not speaking as list owner.

>I appreciate your work & dedication, John S Quarterman, thank you.
>Ken W Sinclair

You're welcome.  I'm just one of many.

Speaking as list owner, I think it will help the list to thrive
if we all show civility towards living (and even towards deceased)

Remember, the list is what you, the subscribers, make of it.

John S. Quarterman
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