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Re: Peter Sinclair of Chatham, NC

I have accused you of nothing.  I do, however, have in my possession the first letter you wrote to me when you found all of my material in the LDS library in Salt Lake.
At that time you were unsure of your own lineage (which is not that of Peter Sinclair).   As I have a large number of LDS members who subscribe to my works, I try to see that their library gets a copy of all my published works - including the volume Sinkler-Sinclair-St. Clair UPDATE 1996 which included the chronology of Peter Sinclair of Chatham County, North Carolina and his son, John Sinclair of Anson County, North Carolina.  This derived originally from a compilation of all my records and about 20 years of research by about 20 descendants of this branch.  I sent my compilation to Bart Sinclair who redesigned it with his wonderful computer expertise, added documentation that was new and sent it back to me to be printed for the good of all.
You state that you do not know who originally did the research.  As an author, it is your responsibility and legally it is your responsibility to document where your material was derived from. 
I am entering the hospital again today and do not wish to continue this subject.  I was just letting you know that there have been numerous packages sent to me with material purporting to be your research that my subscribers recognized as my work.
I have ordered a copy of your book.  I hope it is new material and I will be the first to congratulate you on new material as that is the goal of all of us.  It is necessary that I know what is in the book in order that I do not spend my time duplicating the work of others.
Many people have contacted me wanting permission to use my work.  I recently sent about 200 pages to a descendant of a Virginia branch who wants to publish her own book.  Since it is her line, I feel that it is only right that she do so.  I gave her permission only on the condition that she give credit to the list of people I gave her who had spent the past 20 or so years researching the line.
I apologize if you took my letter as a reflection on your reputation.  It certainly wasn't meant to be such. 
Jean Grigsby
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Sent: Wednesday, March 03, 1999 11:53 PM
Subject: Re: Peter Sinclair of Chatham, NC

As Jean Grigsby has posted a message to this mailing list containing implications that are injurious to my reputation and good name, I would like to state unequivocably to the members of this list that I have not purchased, seen, been given, or had access to any manuscript which she has prepared, or may be in the process of preparing, regarding Peter Sinclair of Chatham County, North Carolina.
Karen J Matheson