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Re: The Banner mail and Flags

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>From what I know, heard etc. St. Andrews cross, the white "X" on blue 
represents the crucifixtion of St. Andrew who insisted he was unworthy 
to be crucified like Christ. So he insisted that they crucify him 
horizontally and the "X" represents that.

In the British flag, if you look there is the St. Andrews cross as well 
as St. George's cross (vertical and horizontal red) and I believe the 
cross representing Wales as well.  The flag came about after the 
unification of Scotland, Wales and England.

If anyone has better information, I would be glad to hear. I hope this 
is of some interest or informative.

Richard F. Sinclair

>    This banner you speak of is the Chiefs Pennant.  It is only flown 
>the Chief or his representative is present.  I have never been able to 
>an explanation of it, not even from the Chief.  I imagine the Lord Lyon
>would help.    Kindest regards, David

>Subject: Re: The Banner
>><< Also this book shows a standard (banner) for each clan.  I have
>> never
>> seen these before.  Ours is blue/grey, gold, red, and white.  The 
left 1/5
>> contains a white "X" on the blue/grey.  The next 4 parts have a 
>> unicorn, muzzled bear upon a crown, and merimaid combing her hair and
>> looking into a mirror (wierd!).  These 4 fields are separated with
>> stripes containing or Clan motto:  "Commit thy works unto God"  
>> an explanation for all of this? >>
>>According to Scotland, A Concise History by Fitzroy Maclean, The "X" 
is St.
>>Andrew's cross. Unicorns were the animal of choice on the Scotland 
>>until the union with England when one of the unicorns was replaced by 
>>Hope this helps a little.

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